Guatemala Lags Behind in mobile payments

It is estimated that the country has a delay of between 7 and 10 years in terms of access and use of mobile banking and electronic transactions compared to the United States and some South American countries.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The low level of bankization, low investment in technology and communication development, and difficulties in accessing the internet are some of the reasons why the country lags behind in relation to other nations in the use of applications and systems for making transactions online.

Marcos Guirola, president of Pagadito Group, commented that "... there is an exponential growth in electronic payments and the expectation is that this pace will be maintained and within two to three years a "big leap" could be made once payments at the governmental level are incorporated. In the view of Luis Valdez, an expert from PwC Guatemala, the timeframe for seeing that big change is four to five years. 'The next generation will demand those services because they do not want to go to a banking agency anymore.'" reports that "... Hugo Oroxom, administrative superintendent at the Superintendency of Banks (SIB), said that only six banks in the country offer applications that allow electronic payments to be made from a cell phone."

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