Guatemala: International Audit for Fiscal Management

Discussion is being given to hiring an external company to provide consulting services in order to improve the management and collection of taxes.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

The proposal which emerged from the leadership of former Finance Minister Pavel Centeno, is once again gaining strength at a time when the Tax Authority is analysing different alternatives to raising tax revenue.

If the proposal is successful, notes, "... the procurement of the consultancy would be by public tender ... to analyze the experiences of the participants as it is an issue which is "very" specialized."

Another option that is being looked at, according to source of whose name was not revealed is "... contracting an entity to provide modernization services for revenues, which would mean outsourcing the service and that tax collection would become a business. 'If it was contracted out, it would mean the taxpayer paying twice, since the SAT would charge its 2% and then fees would be paid to the company, which would be unconstitutional because taxes are only for the purpose of public spending'."

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Guatemala: Government Expands Tax Reform

February 2015

Despite several announcements of new taxes, the government will focus on controlling tax evasion and leave the decision to implement a tax reform to future administrations.

According to authorities at the Ministry of Finance, at the moment there is no consensus for fiscal reform.

U Turn in Tender for Tax Consultancy

June 2014

The board of the Tax Administration has decided to terminate the tender process which had been proposed for obtaining a contract for external consultancy on how to increase revenues.

Days after announcing an interest in convening an international tender for consultancy services to improve fiscal management, the board of the Superintendency of Tax Administration (SAT) has reversed the decision.

Guatemala: Alternatives to Consultancy on Fiscal Management

June 2014

Instead of contracting international consulting company through a tender it has been proposed that the SAT should turn to the Inter-American Center of Tax Administrations and other lower-cost options.

Experts on tax matters in Guatemala are looking for alternatives to the government's proposal to hold an international competition for services for fiscal management, with one of the first suggestions being, "...

Cost of Tax Consultancy for Guatemala

June 2014

Tax authorities estimate that tax revenues could increase by 8%, and from the amount of growth in earnings, the consulting firm would charge 30%.

Although the competition for hiring a company to advise the government on the management of taxes has not been carried out, already questions are arising about the cost that such a contract will represent for the State.