Guatemala Intends to Boost Food and Beverage Exports

The industry presented a 5-year strategic plan, which aims to increase exports to $3 billion per year.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Innovation, food health, integration and searching for markets are the four pillars of this plan, developed by the food and beverage commission of Agexport, the Exporters Association of Guatemala.

Francisco Menéndez, Agexport vice president, told that aside from selling to the United States, they are already selling to Mexico, and are focusing on the Caribbean.

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Food and Beverage: Opportunities in the U.S.

August 2020

More than half of U.S. millennial consumers of Latino origin are attracted to Hispanic beverages, bread, tortillas, and ethnic prepared foods sold in supermarket chains.

Specialists in the field point out that nowadays Latino millennials are attracted to those supermarket chains that reflect their culture and that of their families.

Food and Beverages: Proposals for Growth

April 2019

Improving sanitary controls, reducing smuggling and accrediting laboratories for food analysis are some of the proposals made by Guatemalan businessmen to the future new government.

Two months before the General Elections, the Guatemalan Chamber of Food and Beverages (CGAB) presented its proposals to several presidential candidates, with the objective of working in different areas so that the growth of the sector goes from the current 5% to 9% in the coming years.

Guatemala: Exports of Food and Beverages Up 3%

January 2016

Central America purchased one third of total sales generated by the industry in 2015, which was worth $980 million.

From a statement issued by the Guatemalan Exporters Association (AGEXPORT):

In 2015, the Food and Beverage Commission at AGEXPORT saw exports close at more than $980.5 million, with a sustained growth of 3% compared to 2014.

Guatemalan Food Exports Grow 29%

June 2012

In the first three months Guatemalan food exports and nonalcoholic beverages totaled $240.4 million, $54.5 million more than in the same period of 2011.

The food sector, which in the past ten years has maintained sustained growth in exports, went from exporting $50 million to $800 million in 2011.