Guatemala: Hydroelectric Power Plants Operate at Maximum Capacity

With the entry into operation of the fourth phase of the Renace hydroelectric complex in Alta Verapaz, the project has reached a generation capacity of 301 MW.

Monday, March 18, 2019

Representatives of Corporación de Multiinversiones (CMI), owner of the energy project Recursos Naturales y Celulosas (Renace), explained that the fourth phase of the project began testing in September 2018 and went into commercial operation in January of this year.

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Regarding the Renace project, Juan Carlos Méndez, General Operations Manager of CMI Energía, told that "... There are three cascade hydroelectric plants (that use the same riverbed) on the Cahabón River as Renace 1, 2 and 3 with a capacity of 66 megawatts (MW), 114 MW and 66 MW respectively. There is an additional one on the Canlich River, a tributary of the Cahabón, which is Renace 4 with 55 MW. With this we add 301 MW of installed capacity."

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Mendez added that "... 73% of Renace's capacity is committed in contracts with (the distributors) Eegsa and Energuate. And the surplus energy that is not in the long-term contracts is used to provide large users, basically industrial users."

The investment in the project reached close to $800 million and the complex will generate around 13% of the energy demand of the country.

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Construction of Hydroelectric Plant Completed

December 2018

The fourth phase of the Renace hydroelectric plant in the Alta Verapaz department, Guatemala, was completed, so it will be supplying 55 MW more to the national system.

In October 2015, phase four of the Renace hydroelectric project received definitive authorization for the use of public property, such as the Canlich and Cahabón rivers for 50 years.

Guatemala: Endorsement of Fourth Phase of Hydroelectric Station

October 2015

Permission has been granted to develop a fourth stage of the hydroelectric project Renace, to be built in the department of Alta Verapaz.

Phase of the four of the Renace hydroelectric project received final authorization for use of public property, namely the channel of the rivers Cahabón and Canlich, for 50 years.

Guatemala: Progress in Renace II Hydroelectric Station

June 2014

Work on the 114 MW plant on the river Cahabón in Alta Verapaz, could be finished months ahead of its estimated end date.

In August, with an advance of 7 months in the term of contract execution, the Energy Division of Corporación Multi Inversiones (CMI) could deliver the project which would provide 114 MW to the national grid, making it the largest private hydroelectric project in the country.

CMI Goal: 1,000 MW of Hydropower

March 2012

Corporacion Multi Inversiones (CMI) has inaugurated the Santa Teresa plant in Guatemala, and will advance 3 new energy projects for 2016.

With an installed capacity of 16.4 megawatts, the new Santa Teresa hydroelectric plant over the river Polochic, belonging to CMI, was inaugurated on Thursday, the first of several projects that will increase the company’s generating capacity.