Guatemala: Growth of Internet Access

Between 2010 and 2014 internet access in households in the metropolitan urban area in the country increased from 18.3% to 27%.

Friday, November 21, 2014

In 2010, it was reported that in rural areas of Guatemala only 1.4% of households had internet access, a figure that hasn't changed to date. Nationally, 12.8% of the population has access to the internet.

The manager of the National Institute of Statistics, Ruben Narciso, told that "... Such measurements give a parameter on the performance of activities and help Guatemalan government institutions to implement development strategies. "

Oscar Garcia, chairman of the Committee on Information Technology and Outsourcing, added "... Access to new technology goes hand in hand with development, because while there is more connectivity, communications and data transmissions are streamlined.It is directly related, because business is now done in this way. This opens markets. "

"... According to World Bank figures, at the Central American level Guatemala comes before Honduras and Nicaragua in terms of internet access. In contrast, it is surpassed by Costa Rica with 46% and Panama with 43%, nations with the greatest coverage in the isthmus. "

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Panama: Strategic Center for Data Storage

May 2013

The fact that companies from the sector have invested about $250 million to settle in the country, is characterising Panama as a strategic center for data storage in America.

According to Eduardo Jaen, head of the Panamanian Authority for Government Innovation (AIG), the majority of these firms offer their services to banking and telephony companies in Central America and the Caribbean, and "Panama has found a safe haven for their data ".

Advances in Technology Use in Panama

April 2013

Investments by Panama are resulting in it being positioned next to Chile in the 2013 Information Technology ranking by the World Economic Forum.

The availability of free internet nationwide in 'infoplazas', the provision of computers with Internet access to schools and the implementation of e-government, has allowed Panama to advance its use of new technologies in Latin America.

Honduras: $10 Million Investment in Technology

November 2011

The Honduran state-owned telecommunications company has announced it will invest in new technologies to be brought to market next year.

Romeo Orlando Vásquez, head of the Honduran telecommunications company (Hondutel), stated that, "we have been authorized to invest $10 million in technology to be brought out next year... with a view to making the company more competitive".

Costa Rica: $65 million from China for Technological Park

March 2009

China will finance a high technology development center which will feature a business center, shopping area and data center.

The governments of both countries are already working on the design of the complex estimated at a cost of $65 million.

According to, the Chinese ambassador in Costa Rica, Wang Xiaoyuan, reported: "We reached an agreement for China to give consultation on the park.