Guatemala: External Audit for the SAT

The Tax Authority will be holding a competition to hire a company to conduct an external audit of the institution.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

October 7 is the deadline for reciept of offers from companies interested in participating in the selection and recruitment process.

"... Those interested in participating in the process must have experience in implementing external audit work in decentralized State entities, have a assets equal to or greater than Q500 million ($65 million).

The audit comes months after the dismanteling of a fraud network known as "The Line", in which former President Otto Perez Molina was allegedly involved.

Experts on the tax issue stressed the need for the recruitment process to be carried out in the most transparent way possible. Marco Monterroso, director of Taxes at the firm Nexia , told that "... It is a priority that this entity act transparently following the customs corruption case 'the line' because tax morale was severely damaged. In addition, we need to strengthen their processes in order to raise revenue. '"

"... The deadline for submission of bids is October 7 at 10:30 am in the Administrative Financial Department of the SAT, located on level 2 of SAT Tower Building (7a. Avenida 3-73 zona 9 ). "

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Taxes: Supermarket Chain Investigation

December 2020

After inconsistencies were detected between purchases reported by taxpayers and sales that the company declared to the tax authority, an investigation was initiated in Guatemala into the "La Barata" supermarket chain.

During the morning of December 7, representatives of the Public Ministry (MP) and the Superintendence of Tax Administration (SAT), held a press conference in which they explained some details about a new case of alleged tax fraud by the chain of stores "La Barata."

Fiscal Amnesty Extended in Guatemala

August 2017

The SAT has extended until September 19 the deadline for the exemption of 90% of fines, interest and surcharges for taxpayers, whether natural or legal.

The tax amnesty announced by the Superintendency of Tax Administration in May of this year and which was to have a term of three months, has been extended for 30 more days, until September 19.

Aceros de Guatemala Pays $103 million to Treasury

May 2016

The amount paid to the Tax Authority corresponds to unpaid taxes, plus penalties and interest.

An article on reports that the Superintendent of the SAT, Juan Francisco Solorzano, said that "... It is the largest payment made by any entity, in relation to adjustments that had been made or that had been ordered as a result of a judicial process from which it was ruled that there was tax fraud or tax evasion. "

Guatemala To Reinforce Tax Audits

March 2013

In order to compensate for the resources that the government will not receive from taxes vetted by the Constitutional Court, the Tax Authority will increase audit pressure.

The decrease of $64 million in revenue, has led the Tax Authority of Guatemala (SAT by its initials in Spanish) to strengthen its control plan with which it supervises companies.