Guatemala: Electricity at Bargain Prices

The sustained fall in oil prices has led to record lows on the price paid by Guatemalan wholesalers for energy in the spot market.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The spot price paid by wholesalers in December went down by 12.5% ​​compared to what was paid in the same month in 2014, totaling $41.55 per MW. According to the National Energy Commission (CNEE) and the Wholesale Market Administrator (AMM), it is the lowest amount paid in the last six years.

In a publication by, Romeo Rodriguez, energy consultant, said: "... there are three positive variables which can lower the spot price. One is that the energy mix being ​​no longer dependent on oil, but rather more on the behaviour of the winter (hydroelectric generation). The other, on international prices, which have registered lows for fossil fuels, and the third, on the oversupply of generation in the medium term. "

"... By 2016 it is expected that similar or lower prices will remain, considering that the price of oil is lower. Yesterday, the price was $28.46 per barrel. "

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