Guatemala: Effects of Customs Act Analyzed

A two month exemption from fines resulting from the application of the new law is one of the issues being debated by government and business representatives.

Friday, March 16, 2012

The Tax Authority (SAT in Spanish), customs brokers, the business community and carriers are awaiting on Friday March 16th the president's decision to issue a decree for a two month exemption from fines resulting from violations of the newly enforced Customs Act.

On Thursday the private sector and government officials discussed "the operations of couriers, the warranty insurance on trade tax that importers must purchase for the transfer of goods within the country and the fines that users must pay in case of violating the Customs Law," reported

If the executive order is approved, the SAT will then refine administrative procedures relating to the regulation of customs legislation and finish training its staff and informing taxpayers and users.

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Pressure for Changes to Customs Act

August 2012

Among the changes requested by the Guatemalan private sector, are the elimination of insurance for theft of goods in transit and the current billing method.

Private sector representatives together with the Tax Authority (SAT) are working on a draft for a new law, which introduces changes to almost 80% of the current Customs Act.

Guatemala: New extension for Customs Fines

June 2012

By Governmental Accord administrative customs offenses punishable by a fine, and their cumulative effects, will be exempted until September 15, 2012.

The Governmental Accord 121-2012 from the Ministry of Finance states that it has “agreed to waive, for a term expiring on June 15, 2012, up to one hundred percent (100%) of fines to any individual or legal person incurred in some of the administrative customs offenses punishable by a fine established by the National Customs Law contained in Book III of Decree No. 10-2012 of the Congress.”

Guatemala: Call for Suspension of Customs Law

March 2012

The American Guatemalan Chamber of Commerce noted that the implementation of the Act without the respective regulations is confusing, taking away transparency in the system and increasing costs.

The Guatemalan Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) has requested that the Government suspend the Customs Act, which was included in the recently approved tax reform.

Nicaragua: New General Customs Bill

January 2011

The project submitted by the Executive to the National Assembly stipulates one hundreds types of fines with values between $ 100 and $ 1,000.

Regarding the proposal, customs unions indicated concern and believe that the new project is “dangerous” and a “step backward” to the procedures for clearance of goods.