Guatemala: Draft Law on Competition

The bill presented to Congress creates the Superintendency of Competition which will be able to investigate business practices in order to punish them if they are anti-competitive.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

From a statement issued by the Ministry of Economy:

The Minister of Economy, Ruben Morales, presented the draft Competition Act to Congress, to regulate Articles 43, 119 and 130 of the Constitution of the Republic, in order to promote economic efficiency and fulfill the commitment made in the Association Agreement with the European Union.

Guatemala, May 11, 2016. With the aim of promoting economic efficiency of the country by ensuring competitiveness and free competition in the market, the Minister of Economy, Ruben Morales, presented the proposed Competition Act initiative to the Economic Committee of the Congress who referred it to the Legislative Department to start the discussion process, seeking subsequent approval in the plenary.

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How to Improve Investment Promotion

July 2018

A bill by the Morales administration in Guatemala proposes creating an agency that would manage issues of commercial promotion, competitiveness, investment attraction and country brand.

Representatives from the Ministry of Economy presented in Congress a proposal for a Law to create the Institute for Commercial Promotion, ProGuatemala, which would absorb the functions and staff that at the moment execute the National Program of Competitiveness.

Guatemala: "Repentant" Parties in the Competition Act

September 2016

A program of "clemency" for companies that cooperate with information on anticompetitive practices in the sector is part of what is being proposed for the bill that will be analyzed in Congress.

The bill presented by the Ministry of Economy in May 2015 is being discussed in Congress, where they are working on a draft with changes to the text. The proposed leniency regime "... could include economic agents that take part in or have become involved in anticompetitive practices and who intend to cooperate with the investigations."

Guatemala: Customs Union with Honduras Approved

January 2016

The decree approved by the Guatemalan Congress was the missing step needed to implement the free movement of people and goods between the two Central American countries.

From a statement issued by the Ministry of Trade:

Guatemala, January 22, 2016. The Congress of Guatemala yesterday approved a Protocol Enabling the Deep Integration towards the free movement of people and goods between the Republics of Guatemala and Honduras.

Guatemala: Finally a Law on Competition?

January 2016

The authorities have until November 31, 2016 to approve a law for the promotion and defence of competition.

The European Union needed to demand a Competition Law in the Association Agreement with Central America in order for Guatemala, the only country in the region not to have rules in this area, to bring the country up to date in this area.