Guatemala: Delays in Energy Projects

Delays in the construction of 45 power plants which have already been awarded are mainly due to social issues and permits.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

According to Edwin Rodas, Deputy Minister of Energy, 40% of these projects have been delayed because of financial issues, social problems and lack of permits for easements. Starting May 2015 these plants will have to supply power to Energuate and Empresa Electrica de Guatemala SA (EEGSA).

Stephany Davila from Energuate public relations office, said that although some plants are behind, there is still no application for an extension of the timeframe in accordance with the schedule of the contract.

Meanwhile Carlos Rodas, EEGSA's planning manager, said that two of the plants that have fallen behind have indicated that the reason is force majeure and it is being decided whether this is acceptable or not.

A total of 49 tenders have been awarded for the generation of long term power. "In these 820.45 megawatts were awarded, 19 in hydroelectric plants, one gas, one charcoal, one biomass, three wind, two solar and 22 hydro stations of under 5 MW. The latter three types can supply energy but not power ", reported

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Guatemala: Hydroelectric Power Plants Operate at Maximum Capacity

March 2019

With the entry into operation of the fourth phase of the Renace hydroelectric complex in Alta Verapaz, the project has reached a generation capacity of 301 MW.

Representatives of Corporación de Multiinversiones (CMI), owner of the energy project Recursos Naturales y Celulosas (Renace), explained that the fourth phase of the project began testing in September 2018 and went into commercial operation in January of this year.

Hydro Electricity Stations Delay Start of Operations

January 2015

In Guatemala the hydroelectric stations Renace II and Oxec which are being built in the department of Alta Verapaz have faced problems which have forced them to delay the startup of operations by 4-6 months.

In the case of Rebirth II it is expected that operations will start by the end of April, while the Oxec project could be delayed by up to four months longer than expected.

Guatemala Hydroelectricity Potential

February 2014

A total of 32 new hydroelectric projects are being developed in different stages in the country with a capacity to generate 1,128 MW.

Although Guatemala has hydro potential for generating 5000 MW, so far only 18% is being utlised, through the 20 hydroelectric stations currently operating which have the capacity to generate 937.50 MW.

Difficulties in Power Generation in Guatemala

October 2013

More than 45 power plants which are being built with an investment of more than $1.1 million face social, technical and financing problems. reports: "The works are part of the tenders in the Generation Expansion Plan made in 2010 and 2012 for long-term contracts, which seek to ensure the supply of energy for Empresa Eléctrica de Guatemala (EEGSA) and Energuate ... ".