Guatemala: Customs Offices Threaten to Stop Work

They are opposing the Agile Import Window to be implemented if the law on competitiveness and productivity is approved.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Corporation of Guatemalan Customs Agents (CAAG) and the Association of International Carriers oppose the Agile Import Window (VAI by is initials in Spanish) to be implemented if the Productivity and Competitiveness Act is approved. Their representatives warn that if Congress discusses the bill, they will stop work in customs offices.

"One of the points of this initiative is the creation of the VAI, which will make about 10 thousand people unemployed. In addition, revenue will decrease rather than increase because the new rules encourage discretion," said the chief of the CAAG Victor Rivera.

"They are going to try to exhaust the dialogue and we will take this to the highest authorities. The waiting period is until March 1."

Meanwhile, Javier Zepeda, executive director of the Chamber of Industry, said "the window is a modern agile system which brings competitiveness and will not threaten customs."

According to the Ministry of Economy, "the VAI is a modern system, the result of a strategic partnership between 11 public and 3 private sector entities, which will reduce processing time from 17 to 7 days. It will benefit over 40,000 importers. "

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Guatemala: Is the Agile Import Window Useful?

May 2014

A month after having implemented it only 12% of importers have registered and less than 1% of users use it for their foreign trade operations.

To date only 4,700 users have registered their company details with the VAI electronic platform designed to handle the issue of non-tariff import permits.

Guatemala: Act on Agile Import Counter to be Modified

March 2014

Pressures on the customs sector have ensured that the ruling includes its recommendations, diluting the threat of strikes in customs offices.

The bill on the Agile Import Counter (VAI by its initials in Spanish) is looking for approval in Congress after the approval of resolutions. The union is expecting the promises it was made to be fulfilled.

Guatemala: Procedures For Exporters Streamlined

March 2014

The Single Counter for Exporters has announced the launch of a new service for traceability of export documents.

From a statement by AGEXPORT:

Focussing on providing a better service to Guatemalan exporters using quality and innovative tools, the Single Window for Exporters, VUPE, offers the tool: "Consultation of Traceability Export Documents and the Tax No. requirements on SEADEX WEB .

Oxcart ... typewriter ... customs agent ...  

February 2014

Now we transport thousands of tons of goods in fast trucks, we dispatch proformas and invoices online ... and there are still customs agencies.  


The controversy which arose in Guatemala over the proposed creation of the Agile Import Window (VAI by its initials in Spanish) is as old as the world.