Grupo Sigma Q Expands Production Line

The company will invest $3 million in a new packaging production line that will be launched early next year.

Monday, November 14, 2011

The new rotary press will generate 50 jobs and will fill orders from throughout the region and the Caribbean.

"Regional demand for packaging increased by 30% in the past year compared to last year, according to a company representative, and this has resulted in a performance in excess of 20% on corrugated, folding and flexible packaging lines", reported

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Panama: Packing Plant for $20 million

May 2013

Grupo Estrella Azul invested $20 million in a new production plant for processing and packaging beverages using a technology that gives products a long shelf life.

"The initiative by Grupo Estrella Azul to create a Tetra Top and Tetra Gemina (TT / TG) Plant, is part of its strategic plan to establish a platform for growth, based on the most advanced technology in order to develop food products that meet the needs of Panamanian customers and consumers " noted a statement from the company.

Packaging Supply in Nicaragua

July 2012

There is local supply but most companies still purchase their packaging abroad, with $ 9.2 million were being paid for cardboard boxes alone in 2011.

An article in reveals that local manufacturers attributed the fact that companies buy their packaging abroad to "lack of knowledge", mainly in Guatemala and Costa Rica, with Sergio Sanchez, sales manager of Plásticos Modernos, noting that "There are no limitations, we offer everything that the flexible packaging industry has to offer. Products that are monolayer, coextruded and laminated. We also offer photo printing for bags, using up to eight colors, and we have an art and design department that is available to customers so that they do not have to develop the image and label design, which is an important complement to the packaging. "

SigmaQ Opens New Plant in El Salvador

January 2012

The company aims to meet increasing regional demand by increasing its capacity to produce corrugated cardboard by 40%.

SigmaQ, a company with about 1,800 customers in El Salvador and the region, opened a new cardboard pressing plant on Thursday, with an investment of $4 million, the company reported in a statement.

Package-Manufacturing Plant Closes in Panama

May 2009

Due to massive packaging imports from Colombia and Peru, Celloprint, a Panamanian plastic package-manufacturing plant, closed operations.

The company had been trying to save its operations for more than two years, struggling to curb imports of the product from Colombia and Peru.