Dificulties to hire qualified staff increases in Costa Rica

There has been a rise in the number of firms reporting difficulties in recruiting qualified staff, especially technicians, engineers and sales managers.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

In one year the number of companies who said they found it difficult to fill vacancies grew by 11%, according to figures from a survey carried out by the human resources firm Manpower, which states that "... five out of 10 employers looking for talent have had difficulties filling vacancies in 2014. "

Elfinancierocr.com reports that Eric Quesada, commercial director of the company, "... attributed this to two possible scenarios: an unattractive offer on wages for qualified personnel or profiles which are inflexible and difficult to be met by the population Costa Rica, especially for the youngest."

"...According to Manpower, the main problem is that the supply of talented professionals and technicians is not growing at the pace required by industry, although another critical issue is that in key areas such as accounting and finance, it is very difficult to find bilingual staff. "

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Businesses are now demanding that their executives be young people who have better technical training and know a second language.

It is becoming more common for companies to ask that those who aspire to a management or leadership position have a Master's degree. Another important factor when hiring is an age range of between 25-35 years and that they have experience.

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Engineers in different specialties, sales representatives and administrative assistants, who are all fluent in English, are those most in demand.

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There are plenty of applicants for the posts, but there are few who are really qualified to meet the demands of each job.

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