Green Light to Export Pork to Japan

Four Costa Rican companies now meet the health requirements and have been given authorization to start exporting.

Friday, May 16, 2014

From a press statement issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock of Costa Rica (MAG):

In accordance with a letter from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan, Costa Rica has been given authorization to export pork and related products to that country through the form of an animal health certificate.

After checking the proposed model health certificate for our country, Japan confirmed compliance with the animal health requirements agreed in May 1992 and revised in 2000, according to an official statement from the Japanese government, signed by Toshiro Kawashima, Director, Division of the Food and Health Office of Consumer Affairs in Japan.

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Costa Rica Free of Swine Fever

May 2018

It has been announced that after having met all the requirements, the country has officially obtained recognition as a nation free of Classical Swine Fever.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock reported that " ...This recognition gives Costa Rica an official health status, thanks to the fact that the country does not have the disease and the conditions of legislation have been fulfilled which include veterinary services, control and eradication strategy, animal identification system, control of their movements and laboratory diagnosis, among other things."

Japan Consuming More Imported Pork

August 2014

The outbreak of swine diarrhea which affected the pork cultivation sector has led to a greater consumer preference for imported meat.

From a statement issued by the Foreign Trade Promotion Office of Costa Rica (Procomer):

Japan is the largest importer of pork in the world, the fifth of pork sausages and sixth largest consumer of pork.

Panama: Health Standards for Beef and Pork

April 2014

The new rules provide for the regulation of the use of veterinary drugs, carrying out studies to check for residual waste and penalties on manufacturers laboratories.

The aim of the measures implemented is to adapt to the demands of the international market and improve conditions for increasing sales of beef and pork abroad.

Japan Recognizes Costa Rica as Free of Swine Flu

January 2014

The Japanese market for pork, organ meats, sausages and pork derivatives coming from Costa Rica has reopened.  

The next step in the process is identifying companies interested in exporting pork products to the Asian nation.

From a press release issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock: