Grand Canal: Associated Banking Services

Promerica Group has proposed to the concessionaire of the project HKND the opening up of bank branches along the Canal and the provision of other financial services during the execution of the work.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Production Bank, Banpro, is looking to develop a service plan appropriate to the measures and requirements of HKND Group, which would include executive support, differentiated tariffs and especially the installation of branches along the Grand Canal.

The general director of the Public Relations Department of HKND Group, Dong Lu, told that "... For this deal it is important to develop a strong cooperation with companies in the country in various areas."

The proposal for greater cooperation between companies was raised during "... A meeting with representatives of HKND Group and executives of Promerica Group, a subsidiary of the Production Bank, Banpro, who presented the advantages of possible cooperation with the institution."

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Costa Rica: Moderate Expansion of Bank Branches in 2012

January 2012

Only the Banco Popular plans to open ten new offices, the rest have plans from only one or two openings.

For the banks Nacional BCR, BCT, Lafise and others, it will be a year of moderate growth and their plans will be to participate in new developments or strategic communities.

G&T Continental Expands in El Salvador

December 2009

By opening its 11th branch, Grupo Financiero G&T Continental now features 600 locations in Central America.

The new Salvadoran branch is located at Shopping Mall Aventura Plaza, and will offer services in financing, investment, treasury, commerce, cash management and corporate and individual advising.

New HSBC Branch in Honduras

November 2009

It is located in Santa Rosa de Copán, and it is HSBC's first one in the west of the country.

In its new offices, the bank will offer corporate and consumer banking services, as well as packaged products.

"Santa Rosa de Copán is one of Honduras most important development centers. We have witnessed annual growth rates of 22% in banking services in the area", stated Jonathan Harley, executive director of HSBC Financial Group.

New Banco General Branch in Costa Rica

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'Banco General Costa Rica', 100% subsidiary of Panamanian Banco General S.A., inaugurated a new branch in the country.

The bank entered Costa Rica's market in May 2009. This new branch is located in Curridabat, in the capital city of San Jose.

"It is a bank with General License, providing the Costa Rican market with products and services to consumer and corporate clients", reports