Government of Guatemala Invites Bids for Uniforms

The Ministry of Education will auction the purchase of 200.000 uniforms for school students in marginal areas.

Friday, January 7, 2011

The acquisition falls under the "Uniforming Solidarity” program. reports in their article, "According to the official, the purchase includes 100 thousand sets of uniforms for children- pants, shirt, shoes - and 100 thousand for girls -skirt, blouse and shoes - at a cost of approximately $ 15 each. The bid terms will specify sizes."

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Tender for Uniforms for Staff in Panama

September 2021

The Public Registry requires the supply and manufacture of uniforms for male and female staff nationwide to replace the current ones, which are already four years old and show signs of deterioration, as part of the Social Welfare Program for public servants.

Panama Government Procurement 2021-1-48-0-08-LP-006718:

Tender for $12 Million in School Clothing

January 2020

The Ministry of Education of Panama tenders the supply of school uniforms and shoes at national level, for 2020.

Panama Government Purchase 2020-0-07-0-99-LP-037284:

"Details of the request:

- 675,000 short-sleeved shirts
- 217,994 school skirts
- 232,006 school pants
- 108,997 girls' physical education shorts

Tender for MTPS Staff Uniforms

August 2013

The Ministry Of Labour And Social Welfare of El Salvador is looking for suppliers to supply uniforms to equip all of their staff.

Among the items required in the tender are:

Jeans, polo shirts, pants, aprons, short and long sleeve shirts, jackets, blouses and skirts, for both men and women.

Panama to Purchase $2 Million of Military Uniforms

April 2011

5,000 pairs of military boots, 7,500 sets of tactical combat shirts and pants, and the same number of eight pointed "ranger" style hats.

The ministry for public safety will target almost $2 million for the purchase of uniforms for Panama's National Aeronautic Service (SENAN in Spanish), which will be used to buy the clothing described above, according to ministry head, José Raúl Mulino.