Gourmet coffee: More competition in Costa Rica

The launch in the local market of 10 different products of roasted and ground coffee and in capsules of the Starbucks brand, reflects the increase of competition in the segment of premium coffees, which already represents about 4% of total consumption in the country.

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

The products that will be marketed initially in the chains of Walmart and Másxmenos supermarkets, are distributed by Nestlé, which bought the retail distribution of these Starbucks products globally.

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Hersel Orozco, partner and manager of Alimentos y Bebidas Regionales SA, explained that to Nacion.com that "... three things call attention to the entry of Starbucks. The first is that the international prestige of the brand increases consumption per person in the country, the second is that they are aimed at a market with a lot of purchasing power, and third, that they bet very aggressively on a small country."

Regarding the behavior of coffee consumption at the local level, Orozco added that "... stagnated, especially due to the economic situation. For this reason, the same cake should be distributed among more actors, with more competition in the most part fine".

In mid-October it was also reported that Walmart began marketing high-quality coffee in the country under the Great Value brand, owned by the supermarket chain, a product that will be manufactured with grains from Tres Ríos, Naranjo and Tarrazú.

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Walmart will market high quality coffee in Costa Rica under the brand Great Value, owned by the supermarket chain, a product that will be manufactured with beans from Tres Rios, Naranjo and Tarrazú.

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From an article by the Costa Rican Trade Promotion Office (PROCOMER):

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