Google Considering Central American Commercial Office

The company is now assessing the feasibility of installing its 7th regional office either in Panama, Costa Rica or Puerto Rico.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Alexandre Hohagen, Google’s director for the region, made the announcement, adding that “we are analyzing this internally, to see which destination makes the most sense. I believe we will make our mind in a couple of weeks”.

In Latin America, the company’s plans include opening a commercial office in Perú.

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Citi to Build Operations Center in Costa Rica

September 2013

With an investment of $35 million, the company plans to build its "Citi Campus" at Corporate Centre El Cafetal, in the west of the capital.

The institution is aiming to physically consolidate its corporate banking and consumer banking operations in the country, along with hiring 800 additional workers over the next two years.

Guatemala May Open Trade Office in China

June 2012

For next year the country is contemplating opening a trade office in China, in order to facilitate trade relations.

Sergio de la Torre, Minister of Economy said at a press conference, "We are looking at (the possibility of) having a trade office in China in order to facilitate trade, which has nothing to do with the political sphere", without breaking the commercial ties with Taiwan.

Costa Rican Trade Promotion Reopens Office in Chile

May 2011

The Foreign Trade Promoter (PROCOMER) has reopened the Trade Promotion Office (OPC) in Chile.

This office opened its doors for the first time in 1999, when Costa Rica signed a free trade agreement with Chile. However, a few years ago PROCOMER decided to close it in order to establish a new business strategy that would revive the Costa Rican exports to the South American country.

Software Company Opens Shop in Guatemala

February 2010

Avalon, who develops management systems for retail companies, will start operating in April.

Luis Miguel Trujillo Cano, CEO of Avalon, told newspaper the company’s plans in Guatemala.

“Why did you choose Guatemala for the company headquarters?
Guatemala is very well connected with all the Central American countries, as well as with Mexico and Spain, countries in which we have support and commercial offices”.