Good Figures for Cardamom

In 2017, cardamom exports from Guatemala totaled $367 million, and the 60% increase compared to the previous year was mainly due to an increase in the international price.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

The increase in export value was mainly due to an increase registered in the price of cardamom on the international market over the past year, as it increased from $6.42 per kilo in 2016 to $10.27 per kilo in 2017, which represents growth of 60%, which coincides with the increase in the amount sold abroad.

See "Monitoring of crops in Central America"

Jorge Mario del Cid, president of the Cardamomo Committee at the Guatemalan Association of Exporters, told that " ... the 2016-2017 harvest ended on September 30 with 29,700 tons sold, which meant a 30% increase compared to the revenues generated between 2015 and 2016. "

The representative of the union added that "... 'Guatemala provides more than 60% of the volume of cardamom sold in the world. This production is generated by 350 thousand families. ' " 

See statistics from Banco de Guatemala (in Spanish).

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Cardamom Sales Improve

May 2019

Exports of Guatemalan cardamom producers improved during the last harvest, as a decline in global supply resulted in a 34% increase in the selling price.

According to figures from the Bank of Guatemala, the average price per quintal of cardamom sold abroad from the country reported a rise between February 2018 and the same month of 2019, going from $489.93 to $654.80, which is explained.

Guatemala: Cardamom Exports Recover

January 2018

Favored by an improvement in international prices, from January to November 2017 the country sold $317 million worth abroad, 71% more than was exported in the same period in 2016.

In the first 11 months of 2016, the country sold $186 million worth of cardamom abroad, 11% less than was sold in the same period in 2015. 

Guatemala: Cardamom Exports Up 30%

October 2017

The 2016/17 harvest closed with a total export amount of 29,700 tons, equivalent to $300 million in revenues, 30% more than in the previous season.

In the harvest that just ended, the improved revenue was achieved with a lower export volume, due to an increase in the international price. In the 2016/17 season, 38 thousand tons were exported and $230 million were generated.

Guatemala: Increased Cardamom Production

March 2015

After a difficult year because of the impact of the Thrips pest and declining international prices, at the end of 2014 $240 million were generated in export earnings.

With the annual increase of 10% in production, Guatemala maintains its global market lead in cardamom sales.