Good Business Deals But Failure as Fair

The International Fair in El Salvador failed in terms of organization and attracting visitors, but was successful as a venue for business meetings.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Besides the organizers recognizing the failure of the event in the traditional sense of quantity of visitors and the quality of its organization, and its success as an occasion for fruitful business negotiations, the International Fair in El Salvador seems to be exemplifying the effects of new forms of communication, especially the internet, in this type of traditional event. reports that "Visitors used to be attracted to fairs to look at machinery, equipment, tools and all kinds of products, and to enjoy a wide variety of snacks, is waning with the development of information technologies, specifically the internet, according to entrepreneurs and the Deputy Minister of Finance. "

"That was one of the reasons why the recent International Fair in El Salvador did not achieve the same success it had several years ago when its facilities were overwhelmed hosting the thousands of visitors who came along in search of new things, promotions and to generally enjoy themselves, said Pablo Arturo Duran, president of the Union Mipyme and CEO of Pan Santa Eduvigis. "

"Agreeing with him is Coxport president, Francisco Bolaños, and executive director, Silvia Cuellar, who said that the Deputy Economy Minister, Roger Hernandez, was absolutely right when he said that the international fairs, in recent years, have evolved thanks to communication technologies, and which today are events for a specialized public. "

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January 2012

Some 145 Salvadoran companies will participate this year in international fairs, particularly those related to the food and beverage sector.

Some 145 firms, mostly medium and small sized, will participate in trade fairs in Germany, Colombia, Taiwan and Panama, among other countries, and it is expected that deals will be made worth around $30 million.

FIES 2010 Begins

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Starting today and through the 14th of November, the XXIII International Fair of El Salvador (FIES) is taking place.

For this event CIFCA administration received authorization, by the National Legislature, to sell tax free the products exhibited at the fair.

With participation of 23 countries and 250 exhibitors about 100 thousand visitors are expected.

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The event will take place at the International Fairs and Conventions Center of El Salvador, From the 9th to the 14th of November.

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Manufexport Completes Deals Worth $4 Million

July 2010

The organizers expect next year's business deals to be worth $50 million.

The 50 participating exhibitors and 57 international buyers held 962 business meetings.

The coordinator of the Guatemalan Exporters’ Association (AGEXPORT), Marco Tulio Recinos, told that, "the event was a success" and added that, "markets were more diversified with 44% of buyers from the US but also representatives from the Dominican Republic and Mexico".