Goldcorp Retains Investment in Guatemala

Company directors say that they will continue to expand with new "Cerro Blanco" project.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Almost two months since the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IAHCR) recommended to the Guatemalan government that Goldcorp's operations at the Marlin mine be suspended, the administration has ordered a review to determine whether or not a suspension is appropriate. Meanwhile, Goldcorp continues its operations in the country.

Jennifer Marroquín, writing for, interviewed the vice president of Goldcorp in Central and South America, Eduardo Villacorta, and the general manager for Guatemala, Mario Marroquín who say they, "were not involved in the investigation and were not notified".

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Goldcorp Stops Operations at Guatemalan Mine

August 2013

The decline in the price of precious metals worldwide has forced the company to temporarily suspend operations at Cerro Blanco.

"The Cerro Blanco mine in Asuncion Mita, Jutiapa, will enter into a state of maintenance and care, ie only keeping areas active that are necessary for the development of the mine and its infrastructure, but it will not perform exploitation activities as was planned. "

Guatemala: Goldcorp Mining with Record Sales

January 2011

The Canadian miner reported gold and plant exports from the Marlin mine for $ 449.7 million in 2010.

Mario Marroquin Rivera, executive director of Goldcorp, explained that the total export of gold was $ 368 million and silver sales totaled $ 131 million. notes in their article, "In the five years of operation of the Marlin mine, sales totaled $ 1,416 million, of which U.S.

Guatemala: Marlin Mine Continues Operating Normally

June 2010

The temporary suspension announced by President Alvaro Colom won’t take effect immediately.

Representatives from Goldcorp, owner of the mine, remarked that they will continue operating while the investigation takes place. printed statements by President Alvaro Colom: “We answered to the CIDH’s request, but there is a due legal and administrative procedure.

Guatemala: Marlin Mine Ordered to Shut

June 2010

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights has called on the government to shut the project, pending an investigation into alleged human rights abuses and environmental problems.

María-Isabel Rivero, commission press director, says the call to cease mining is obligatory in Guatemala.