Gold Medals in Honduras Crisis

Brazil won for maximum hypocrisy, United States for indecision, and the OAS for lack of impartiality.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Andres Oppenheimer lists some of the top external players in the Honduras crisis, detailing their biggest political mistakes.

The feeling remains, however, that had not been for the mistakes of the international community (specially for its stubbornness in not listening to objective reasons), the price being paid by the people of Honduras would not be so high.

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Honduras Today, Elections, and What's to Come

November 2009

An update on the current situation of the Honduran conflict, in an analysis in which the clock is ticking against Zelaya.

The article in America Economía is interesting due to its content and its peculiar graphical presentation. Its author, Rodrigo Lara, shows us 12 points which resume the current situation of the Honduran political crisis, and its impact on the region.

Elections in Honduras Go With or Without Agreement

October 2009

With these words, members of the Supreme Electoral Court expressed their determination to U.S. Congressmen and delegates from the State Deparment.

David Matamoros Batson, Court Magistrate, said in Washington that there must be dialogue, and political discussions must be held, "but there will be elections on November 29th".

Elections Should be the Solution

August 2009

Honduras's crisis worsens because both parts present irreducible positions. A political vision of the matter could help solving it.

After two months of crisis, there isn't a solution on the horizon. And the consequences of the removal from power of Manuel Zelaya worsen. This is specially visible in the economy, as the withdrawal of international aid, restrictions to trade, suspension of visa services by the U.S.

Honduras Holds Ground in November Elections

August 2009

President Micheletti reaffirmed Honduras intention to carry out elections in November, in front of a commission of OAS chancellors.

According to BBC Mundo, Micheletti stated that elections will be held November 29th, 'whether the countries of the world recognize us or not.