Geomarketing & Retail Expansion Plan: Case Study

Organizations rely on the effective use of big data and geomarketing techniques as the backbone of all their processes and decision making, reducing the risks of new investments associated with expansion plans and new store openings.

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

At PREDIK Data-Driven we support global corporations to optimize their expansion strategies with 100% data-driven methodologies. One of our clients, a regional sporting goods retail corporation, was able to reduce the risks of its expansion investment plan by relying on solutions generated by mobility analytics, location intelligence, geomarketing and point-of-interest characterization.


Problem to be Solved

The company, dedicated to the commercialization of sporting goods, needed to identify the most suitable areas for the opening and management of new points of sale in a Latin American country.

Our Business Intelligence Solution

PREDIK Data-Driven developed a probabilistic model that collects geographic, socio-demographic and subjective information about preferences and interests of potential customers of the points of sale of the retail chain. Read the full article here.

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December 2021

Foot traffic analytics and point-of-interest analytics help large chains supplying contractor-grade building materials and home improvement products measure footfall and understand consumer behavior patterns in any given zone of interest or point of sale.

Case Study

Footfall analytics: Walmart Supercenter Vs. Kroger

December 2021

Supermarkets can apply location intelligence techniques and footfall analytics to understand consumer mobility patterns, generate efficient site selection strategies, understand the performance of their stores, and estimate competitor turnover.

The correlation between foot traffic visitation, sales, and the success of retail supermarkets have been studied and proven, so the development of this type of analysis has become a priority in the site selection process and expansion modeling.

Heat Maps Applied to Expansion Plans

December 2021

Heat maps are used by retail giants to understand pedestrian and vehicular mobility patterns and thereby optimize their strategies for opening new points of sale.

At PREDIK Data-Driven we support global corporations in implementing a variety of expansion planning solutions.

Retail Analytics: Should we open new stores?

September 2021

Data science now generates strategic solutions that help retailers identify optimal potential locations for expansion by assessing the market potential of areas of interest for new store openings.

Applying geomarketing techniques and location intelligence based on spatial data, retailers can perform analyses that identify areas or points of interest by analyzing the concentration of people, identifying the most and least crowded places, the times and days of peak pedestrian and vehicular traffic, and defining the shopping profiles of consumers in areas of interest.