‘Geisha Natural’ Coffee Dominates Online Auction

A new variety of coffeee called Geisha Natural participated for the first time in "Best of Panama" competition, and reached the highest price in the auction.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The coffee from the Don Pachi State farm was sold at $111.50 a pound.

A total of 30 lots of specialty coffee were traded totaling $176,837.

Francisco Serracín owner of the Don Pachi State Farm, told Prensa.com, "there were 30 lots in the auction, 25 washed coffees and five natural ones, the latter were produced using a new method that was introduced this year."

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Coffee in Panama: $107 Per Pound Paid for Geisha at Auction

June 2014

Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Australia and the United States were the largest buyers in the first of two international online auctions of fine coffees known as "The Best of Panama".

In the first of two online auctions, held on June 24, the coffee house Junior Taiwan paid $107.86 per pound of coffee "... grown using a natural process in La Mula farm, owned by Willem Boot" .

Panamanian Geisha Coffee Bought for $350 Per Pound

July 2013

The final price of the aromatic grain from the farm Hacienda La Esmeralda reached a record high during the online auction entitled "The Best of Panama 2013".

Prensa.com reports that "the grain was purchased by the companies Saza Coffee, in Japan, and Haaya Gourmet Coffee, in Taiwan".

Online Auction of Panamanian Specialty Coffee

May 2013

June 11 will see the international auction via the internet of specialty coffees from Panama, from the district of Boquete, in Chiriqui.

According to Plinio Ruiz, president of the Specialty Coffee Growers of Panama (SCAP by its initials in Spanish), there will be 25 lots of coffee in the auction which were the winning entries in the Best Of Panama contest recently held in Boquete.

Online Auction of Best Panamanian Coffee

May 2011

Lots of coffee from 30 plantations will compete in this year's auction entitled ‘The Best of Panama 2011’.

Buyers from U.S., Japan, Australia, Taiwan and Europe among others, will participate in the on-line auction on May 24, 2011, said Francisco Serracín, of the Specialty Coffee Association of Panama.