Fruits, Global Market and the New Reality

Berries, cherries and citrus fruits, fruits that due to their vitamin C content are generally associated with positive effects on the immune system, reported increases in sales in the US and European markets during March, April and May 2020.

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

In this context of new consumption habits, which emerged worldwide due to the outbreak of covid-19, banana sales (due to its high potassium content and its contributions to health) have been extremely positive.

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The study carried out by the Promotora de Comercio Exterior (Procomer), details that "... although these dynamics are extremely positive, the categories with the highest growth for fruits and vegetables were both packed and canned with growth rates in the last week of May of +24.5%, as well as frozen products with a dynamism of +33.8%, both figures much higher than that of the fresh category which for that week was +14.3%.

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It is reported that increased home consumption in response to the pandemic closed most of the foodservice channel for several weeks, excluding home delivery or pickup services, which together with school suspensions and increased levels of work at home displaced most food product consumption to the home, boosting sales in the fresh, packaged and frozen retail channel.

The demand for fruits and vegetables has shot up across the different categories, but packaged, canned and frozen products have found even greater dynamism in their demand, as consumers have the perception that they have been manipulated to a lesser extent and are therefore safer, the document notes.

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