Freight Rates Up 30%

The Salvadoran Association of International Cargo Transport has announced that from next week there will be an adjustment in freight prices.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Raul Alfaro, president of the Salvadoran Association of International Cargo Carriers (ASTIC), said that what carriers want is an adjustment of freight prices, which they have avoided for a long time despite increases in the price of diesel.

"First, I am promoting an increase in the price of the tariff, second, making not an increase, but a freight price adjustment related to the high cost of diesel," said Alfaro, as quoted by "During 2011 and 2012, only increases have been announced. In those 15 months the price of diesel has risen by 95 cents, 55 last year and only 40 cents this quarter and this can not be sustained. "

The new rates of ASTIC are:

San Salvador, Guatemala, $650; San Salvador-Tegucigalpa, $740, and San Pedro Sula, $825; San Salvador-Ciudad Hidalgo, Mexico, $960, and San Salvador-Managua is established at least $1,050.

The manager said that next week they will meet with business organizations in order to explain the increased rates.

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June 2021

Salvadoran carriers estimate that between January and May 2021, the cost of freight between El Salvador and Guatemala has increased from $500 to $548, a rise that is largely explained by the increase in the price of diesel.

Representatives of the Asociacion Salvadorena de Transportistas Internacionales de Carga (ASTIC) state that in recent months the price of a gallon of diesel has increased by $0.63 in the central zone.

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"The Chamber accepted a constitutional challenge submitted by the ASTIC against the collection of accident insurance, namely the Fund for Victims of Traffic Accidents (Fonat), from which the Legislature excluded foreign transporters, but not Salvadorans," noted an article in

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In the absence of ‘marchamos’, the products are accumulating at the customs border in El Salvador, causing additional costs and delays to carriers and enterprises.

Since last Saturday, at the borders of El Amatillo, Angiatú and La Hachadura, freight carriers have had to cover extra costs in order to bring in merchandise and avoid a collapse in trade flows.

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The Freight Business Association announced adjustments of 38% and 100% in freight rates.

For distances less than 500 km the increase is 38% ($ 1.45 per km). For distances over 1,000 kilometers up to 100% (the current rate in Panama is $ 1 per km). reported that union president, Raul Alfaro, stated"...