Free Zones: New Project in Costa Rica

Portafolio Inmobiliario announced that it will begin the development of the Green Valley Free Trade Zone project, which in its first stage contemplates the construction of a Free Trade Zone located in the municipality of Grecia, province of Alajuela.

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

The total land on which the project will be located amounts to more than one million square meters, however, its construction will be carried out in stages. In the first phase, 140,000 square meters will be developed, whose investment will be around $10 million in infrastructure and its construction period is expected to be approximately one year, reported the Costa Rican Development Initiative Coalition (Cinde).

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José Antonio Herrero Harrington, President of Costa Rica Green Valley, explained that "... this important project was conceived under a unique, innovative and differentiated model, which contemplates a technological corridor in the areas where Costa Rica has been successful in attracting investment, complemented by a science park that will house universities, technical training centers, laboratory clusters and all the support services for these activities."

Once the first stage is completed it is estimated that approximately 7,000 new jobs will be generated in the various areas of operation, says the official statement.

According to those responsible for the project, since the construction of the Green Valley Free Trade Zone will be carried out in the context of the covid-19 outbreak, the work will have all the measures dictated by the Ministry of Health that are mandatory for all persons entering the site.

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January 2021

America Free Zone, located in Heredia, Costa Rica, plans to execute an investment plan in the next few years totaling close to $120 million and contemplates the implementation of electro-lane stations and the construction of new infrastructure.

Executives of the business complex informed that up to now they offer their clients 200 thousand m2 of space for business activities, but the medium-term plans are to add another 60 thousand m2.

New Economic Development Zone Endorsed

December 2020

In Guatemala, the Miel Verde project, Special Public Economic Zone, was approved. In its first phase of development, it will require an investment of close to $4 million and will be located in the municipality of Río Hondo, department of Zacapa.

The new special zone will have a total area of 23,544 square meters, however, in the first phase only an area of approximately 5,173 square meters will be developed.

New Corporate Center in Costa Rica

March 2019

The first of the five buildings that will form part of the La Lima Corporate Center was launched in Cartago, which will require a global investment of close to $98 million.

The project in charge of the real estate company Garnier & Garnier, is a complex of offices that is constructed in a plot of eight hectares in the industrial park La Lima, and contemplates the construction of up to five buildings of four floors each one, informed the Costa Rican Coalition of Initiatives of Development (Cinde).

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A group of local businessmen have announced the start of construction of the first stage of an industrial park in 18 hectares of land in San Carlos, Alajuela.

They indicate that Parque Muelle will offer the possibility of operating under the free zone regime and they are aiming to attract companies from the sectors of agribusiness, technology and logistics, explained Victor Perera, founding partner of the project to