Franchising: Expectations in Guatemala

After in 2020 most franchises operating in the country reported declines in their operations because of the pandemic, expectations for 2021 is to overcome the losses and in some cases grow.

Friday, April 16, 2021

According to the report "Prospects for 2021 and the situation of franchises in Guatemala and Central America" prepared by the Guatemalan Franchise Association (AGF), in the country in the current context four out of 10 companies have closed between 1% and 10% of their franchise units or establishments.

See "Franchises: How to Choose the Best Location?" reviews that "... 15.8% have closed between 11% and 25% of their units and another equal percentage has closed between 26% to 50%. Meanwhile, 5.2% have closed more than 50% of their stores."

One out of every five brands surveyed said that they have no closed units.

The closures of some units are explained by restrictions in terms of schedules for certain sectors, less pedestrian traffic in the sector where they operate, some are located in business centers, in call center buildings and other activities that are still mostly teleworking.

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Jose Fernandez, CEO of Francorp Central America, Mexico and Colombia, explained that "... in spite of these data and the 2020 decreases, it is reflected that in the surveyed franchises there is more expectation to grow than to decrease. It is important to note that 25% consider that they will grow between 10% and 24% and another equal percentage will grow from 1 to 9%."

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