Forum in Guatemala on the financial crisis

The Central American Master's Program in Social Sciences presents the forum on the "Global Financial Crisis and its consequences to Central America."

Monday, November 10, 2008

Paulo de Leon, CABI; Carlos Martinez, UNDP consultant; Carlos Gonzalez, ASIES and Ricardo Barrientos, Finance Minister will be the speakers at the meeting to be held on Thursday, November 13 at the FLACSO campus in Guatemala at 6 pm.

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Panama to Host the 2014 World Economic Forum

September 2011

Ricardo Martinelli and the president of the World Economic Forum have agreed that Panama will be the site of the annual event in Latin America, when more than 1000 businesses from around the world will gather together.

A statement by the Presidency of Panama reads:

Panama has managed to attract interest from new U.S. investors and become the site of the World Economic Forum 2014.

Central America: External Vulnerabilities in Focus

October 2008

This special report examines the channels through which Fitch-rated sovereigns in this sub-region could be impacted by external shocks, the robustness of their various policy frameworks and the implications for creditworthiness of increasingly challenging international conditions.

The US financial crisis has spread across the international financial system.

Possible scenarios for Guatemala in the face of the global financial crisis

October 2008

The Guatemalan economy is not exempt from the after-effects of the American financial crisis; expectations are that it will affect exports, remittances and tourism.

The US is Guatemala's main trading partner; 41% of exports are destined to the American market. In this context, what would be the scenario for Guatemala? What impact will it have on the economy?

The financial crisis: the inevitable adjustment

October 2008

When the true economic value is too far from the fabulous figures invented by financial engineering, crisis - and an adjustment - is inevitable.

Cristóbal Perez-Jerez Alvarado, MBA in international economics, analyzes, with the very much needed academic indifference of today (and also the very scarce common sense), the current financial crisis.