Footwear Manufacturing: Forecasts for Nicaragua

produce between 8 and 9 million pairs of shoes, a figure that would double that reported in 2020 and generate revenues for companies of more than $120 million.

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

In the first weeks of the year, shoe sales in the Nicaraguan market showed dynamism, as more than one million pairs were sold due to the start of the school year, according to executives of the Nicaraguan Chamber of Leather and Footwear (Camcunic).

The partnerships established between local manufacturers and the Mexican companies Tanned Leather Company and Artecola, as well as the Guatemalan companies Hilcosa and Horguate, is a factor that has generated expectations among Nicaraguan companies.

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Alejandro Delgado, president of Camcunic, told that ".... 'we are off to a good start in 2021 because countries like Panama, El Salvador, and better said, the whole Central American area has not imported from China, for many reasons, such as the issue of tariffs, maritime transport has gone up a lot, the Covid19, then buyers prefer to buy from Nicaragua, so at this time we are producing more footwear'."

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Delgado added that "... in 2020 the goal for shoe production was five million pairs, however, they reached 4.5 million. Now we have a goal of 8 million, and in the first quarter we have three million, because the children are already in school, we sold one million pairs. Also the sugar mills were energized, the production cycle of coffee and beans has been good and that moves sales in the northern part, also in the central region there is the gold boom and that helps the purchase of shoes for work in the field."

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Imports of footwear and clothing fell 8% in the first half of the year compared to the same period in 2017, and production in the country contracted by around 30%.

According to representatives of the guilds of the Nicaraguan Chamber of Leather Shoes (CNCC), and the Nicaraguan Chamber of Leather and Footwear (Camcunic), in the first six months the local production of clothing and footwear has decreased by about 30%.

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The footwear industry in 2015 manufactured a record 9 million pairs of shoes with revenues above $50 million.

The 1,300 leather workshops that operate in Nicaragua generated revenues of $50 million in 2015, reaching a production of 9 million pairs of shoes, according to figures from Alejandro Delgado, president of the Chamber of Leather and Footwear and Allied Businesses, published by

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The goal will be achieved through leather export restrictions applied by the Government,which will ensure there is material for local production.

This was explained by Alejandro Delgado, president of the National Chamber for Leather, Footwear and Allied Companies (Cancunic).

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The industry sells annually about 3.5 million pairs of shoes for $ 36 million, of which 71% is sold in the domestic market.

Alejandro Delgado, president of National Leather and Footwear, explained that most exports head for Central America and that the average price of each pair is $ 12.