Footwear: Event Suspended in Panama

Because of the crisis that has been generated in several Asian countries by the presence of the coronavirus, the organizers of ExpoTrend Summer 2020 reported that the international event is suspended.

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

The event was to take place from February 10-12 at the Atlapa Convention Center in the Panamanian capital, however, due to the coronavirus outbreak, which has spread to several Asian cities, it was decided to cancel it.

You may be interested in "Footwear: Business with Vietnam Still Rising" reviews that "... given the delay, closure of international flights and cargo vehicles caused by the outbreak and spread of the coronavirus, most exhibitors are unable to receive the seasonal samples they would be exhibiting at the event and which come from Asia."

The article adds that "... The suspension of the exhibition, whose new date is being announced in a month's time, is also in response to the World Health Organization's (WHO) recommendation to avoid mass religious and festive events, added the organizers of ExpoTrend Summer 2020."

As a result of the outbreak of this virus, so far more than 300 people have died and cases are being reported in several cities in Asia, the Americas and Europe.

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Following the spread of the virus globally and the suspension of some production in China, several garment companies in the region have reported increases in their orders.

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Re-exporters in the Colon Free Zone are seeking to attract companies from Peru, Uruguay, Brazil and Mexico, to compensate for some they of the businesses that have lost due to the taxes imposed by Colombia.

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