Food: What Companies Deal with the Government?

Alimentos Ideal, Alimentos del Norte and Carnes Coclé are some of the companies that have won the most important contracts to provide food products to public institutions in Central America.

Monday, March 2, 2020

A study carried out by the Trade Intelligence Unit of CentralAmericaData analyzes the companies that were favored during 2019, with contracts to provide different types of food to the governments of Central American countries.

The information system specifies that among the main suppliers in Costa Rica are Compañía de Servicios Alimenticios Kleavers S.A., Soluciones Alimenticias R y R de Occidente S.A., Alimentos del Norte S.A. and Corporación Comercial Sigma.

In Guatemala, it is reported that Avícola Villalobos S.A., Alimentos del Planeta, Vegetalia S.A. and Alimentos Ideal are among the companies that, according to the amount awarded, obtained important contracts last year.

In Panama, some of the main companies contracted by the government were Industrias Lacteas S.A., Cereales Nutricionales Especializados S.A., Consorcio de Alimentos Agropecuarios, Carnes Coclé S.A., among others.

In the case of the Dominican Republic, Fuego Lento SRL and Pa Catering SRL are reported as suppliers of prepared foods. In Honduras, one of the companies that won public tenders was Insumos para la Producción y Comercialización de Alimentos SRL.

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Three food companies are being investigated for alleged monopolistic practices consisting of "establishing, agreeing upon or coordinating bids or abstentions in public tenders".

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