Food Industry Opposes FTA with Colombia

The Costa Rican Chamber of Food Industry believes that the trade agreement could pose a threat to Costa Rican production.

Friday, August 23, 2013

From a press release by the Costa Rican Chamber of Food Industry (CACIA):

In a letter addressed to the members of the Committee for International Relations and Foreign Trade, the Costa Rican Chamber of Food Industry, CACIA, once again was vehement in its opposition to the possible approval of the FTA with Colombia, by the Legislative Assembly .

According to José Manuel Hernando, President of the CACIA, instead of approving this treaty, priority should be given to other initiatives, programs and policies aimed at improving the business climate, competitiveness and the trade management platform.

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Legislative Progress in Costa Rica - Colombia FTA

March 2014

The Costa Rican Congress approved on its first reading a Free Trade Agreement which makes 71% of the market for goods and services in Colombia duty free.

On Monday, the Legislative Assembly of Costa Rica approved on its first reading the Free Trade Agreement with Colombia. The entry into force of this trade agreement is needed in order to allow the Central American nation to join the Pacific Alliance.

A Pause in the Hunt for Trade Agreements

August 2012

Costa Rica business associations are calling for better management of the free trade agreements that have already been signed, stopping the search for others.

According to the Costa Rican Chamber of the Food Industry (Cacia), first existing agreements should be better managed before searching for new ones.

Free Trade for Raw Materials in the Food Industry

July 2012

Food businesses in Costa Rica will not support trade agreements which exclude raw materials that add value to food.

The Costa Rican Chamber of Food Industry (CACIA) has denounced the protection of local monopolies on basic commodities like sugar, as exemplified in negotiations for the FTA with Colombia, where sugar was excluded.

Costa Rica: Agricultural Sector Rejects Colombia FTA

March 2012

Agricultural producers have pointed out that the Colombian economy is in direct competition with the Costa Rican one in terms of production, and they see no profit in a trade agreement.

The agricultural and agribusiness sectors of Costa Rica joined the national industrial sector in opposing a possible FTA with Colombia because of its economy’s highly competitive position in relation to Costa Rica.