Five bids for Construction Supervision in Panama

In the tender for supervision of the construction of the South Terminal of the Airport of Tocumen five companies have submitted bids valued at around $19 million.

Friday, June 7, 2013

The five bids were below the reference price of $22 million. The business groups who submitted bids to oversee the construction of the multi million dollar terminal /0} had prices which varied by no more than $2000. reports that "the consortium Sener / Inelectra (Spain and Venezuela), The Louis Berger Group (USA) and Prointec (Spain) bid $19 million 800 thousand".

Meanwhile, the consortium of ADPI, Ayesa and CSA Group, represented by companies from France, Spain and the U.S., respectively, offered $19,802,219. In addition, the group headed by Ineco and SGS Tecnos, both of Spanish origin, bid $19,800,000 and 10 cents.

Whoever wins the tender will have to oversee a $6.794 billion piece of work.

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Tocumen awarded construction supervision

October 2013

The consortium ADPI / Ayesa / Csa / Cemosa will be responsible for overseeing the work of the South Terminal where $679.4 million will be invested.

The consortium bid $19.8 million to oversee the construction of the airport terminal. reports: "The inspection of the work will begin 10 months after the start of works by the construction company Norberto Odebrecht.

Tocumen Expansion Still Has No Project Management

October 2013

After several complaints from bidders in the tender for a project management services, the works on the South Terminal are progressing without any supervisor to certify them.

On August 23 the evaluation committee for the tender for project management services, presented a report stating that the highest score was awarded to the consortium ADPI / Ayesa / Csa / Cemosa while points were reduced for Prointec with the score being downgraded from 98 to 95.5 points and it was confirmed the Louis Berger Group received 96.5 points.

Prointec to Manage Works on New Center in Amador

September 2013

The company of Spanish origin has been awarded a contract for $10.4 million for the project management of the construction of the new convention center in Amador, Panama.

The commission which evaluated the proposals explained that this was the only company that met the specifications.

Contract for Project Management of Tocumen Expansion

August 2013

The Spanish Prointec is in first place to win the contract, after the a claim brought by its competitor Louis Berger Group was rejected. reports: "The Public Procurement Directorate rejected the application filed by the company Louis Berger Group, who alleged that Tocumen SA, had refused to provide copies of the proposals".