Fitch's Analysis of Banking in Guatemala

The five largest banks account for 82% of total assets in the system, three of them focusing on the corporate credit segment and the other two on retail banking.

Monday, July 13, 2015

From the report by Fitch Ratings "Panorama of Banks and Guatemala"

Largest banks of Guatemala: Related to the Sovereign Ratings

Banking System Concentrated in Five Largest Banks: The five largest banks account for 82% of the system's assets. Fitch Ratings believes that the strong franchise and customer base of banks will continue to hold their position in the foreseeable future. BI * and Banrural* dominate the system. BI, GT & C * and * BAM focus on business loans, while Bantrab* and Banrural and focus on retail banking.

Significant exposure to Guatemala sovereign debt: The largest banks have significant exposure linked to the Guatemalan sovereign debt due to significant positions in government debt instruments for liquidity purposes. This is due to the lack of local investment in alternatives and the absence of regulatory capital charges for these titles.

See full report here.

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