First Tuesday Opens in Panama

It fosters entrepreneurship by creating business networks; they connect innovators and entrepreneurs with angel investors.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

In Latin America, First Tuesday already operates in El Salvador and Chile, and is expected to open soon in Argentina, Colombia and Peru.

José Chen Barría is the executive director of Panama’s Foundation for Economic and Social Development (Fudespa), and responsible for bringing the program to Panama. He explained they already have $50.000 to invest in Panamanian entrepreneurs.

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Success in Business Incubation in Panama

November 2013

Nine of the most prominent success stories of innovation and entrepreneurship registered in the country in recent years have been showcased.

In 2012, BodyGuard Box, won first place in the sixth edition of the National Award for Business Innovation." This is a company that sells software which allows people to avoid accidents in areas where loads are handled and was developed by a Panamanian university student," reports

$5 million To Promote Businesses in Panama

September 2012

National and international investors have made up the fund within the Venture Club of Panama Business Accelerator project(AEP), which supports small companies with innovative ideas.

The fund was created with input from the so-called "angel investors", with contributions ranging from a minimum of $50,000 and up.

Entrepreneurs with no Reasoning

January 2011

Nonconformists are those who believe, against all reason, that things can be done differently and better. These are the brightest entrepreneurs.

They are of crazy ideas. Often misunderstood by their social environment and even businesses, which are usually conservative and risk averse.

Chile Attracts Entrepreneurs

January 2011

Chile offers $ 40 thousand to entrepreneurs to live six months in Chile, raising capital, hiring people, creating and doing business.

The Chilean government announced the 2011 version of the Start-Up Chile program, which in 2010 created 25 groups of entrepreneurs, generating specific results already constituting companies with international impact.