Financing for 100 MW Solar Plant

The IIC has structured financing of the first commercial solar plant in El Salvador owned by the French company Neoen SAS of the Louis Dreyfus Group.

Monday, June 6, 2016

From a statement issued by the IDB:

IIC finances the first solar photovoltaic power plant in El Salvador

The Inter-American Investment Corporation (IIC), acting on behalf of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), has joined forces with Providencia Solar SA to finance the construction of the first photovoltaic power plant on a commercial scale in El Salvador.

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The project will diversify the country's energy matrix, contributing 100 MWp of renewable energy. Providencia Solar transports an average of 163,800 MWh of thermal power generation per year, avoiding the annual emission of an average of 114,500 tons equivalent CO2. The project will also promote the social and economic development of the surrounding communities, because the sponsor will allocate 3 percent of revenue generated to high-priority social investments.

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El Salvador: Operations Start at 101 MW Solar Plant

May 2017

Neoen has started operating the Providencia Solar photovoltaic power plant, located in the department of La Paz, with an installed capacity of 101 MW.

The plant is made up of two subcenters: one of 76MWc, awarded to Neoen after a tender convened in El Salvador in 2014, and another of 25MWc, negotiated by mutual agreement with Del Sur, one of the main electricity distribution companies in the country. Both projects have been uploading electricity to the Salvadoran grid since April 1, 2017.

El Salvador: 80 MW Solar Plant Announced

February 2016

The French company Neoen has been awarded the project management and construction of the solar plant to start operations in April 2017, and which is being funded by the IDB.

The French-owned company Neoen won the tender to build and operate a plant for solar power generation, with a capacity of 80 MW, in El Salvador.

Panama: $12 million for Solar Plant

February 2015

The IIC has approved a loan of up to $11.9 million for the construction of a 10MW solar power plant in the province of Cocle.

From a statement issued by from the Inter-American Investment Corporation (IIC):

The Inter-American Investment Corporation (IIC) has approved a loan of up to $11.9 million to Divisa Solar 10MW SA, to finance the construction, development and implementation of a solar photovoltaic power plant with a nominal capacity of 9.9 MWp in Cocle Province, Panama.

Financing for 10 MW Solar Plant

October 2014

The Inter-American Investment Corporation is evaluating granting the company Divisa Solar a loan for $11.9 million to build a solar farm in the province of Cocle.

From a statement issued by the Inter-American Investment Corporation:

"... Scope and Objective of the project: