Tender financial System Design

In Panama, an educational institution requires the design of the platform for a financial system and control of credits, scholarships and programs.

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Panama Government Purchase 2021-1-20-0-08-LP-009926:

"Instituto para la Formación y Aprovechamiento de Recursos Humanos (IFARHU) requests professional services for the design of the financial system and control of credits, scholarships and programs of the institute.

For the new financial system, some of the following specifications can be mentioned.

* To have the capacity to import the database of the last 10 years from the clearpath to the new platform.

* To design in the database the relational tables for the management of products or services offered by IFARHU to the beneficiaries.

* To have a design of relational tables for the registration of students or beneficiaries where it can be interconnected with other subsystems that will be developed in the future or that are developed within the institution.

* The design of the database must allow the registration, cancellation, changes and reports of the beneficiaries where information by ID card, name, surname, and date of birth intervals of the records already captured from the existing database and for new records is presented.

* The design of the database must allow the registration of the student or beneficiary associated with the guarantors or co-debtors for obtaining a loan.

* The design of the student database must be related to the multiple educational centers in which the student has participated in some benefit.

* The design of the student registration database must support the ability to decrypt the barcodes of the students' juvenile IDs and student IDs to extract the general IDs in order to reduce spelling errors and duplicity of student records.

* The database to be designed should allow adding, changing, adding new educational centers under the following fields: Country, Type of Center (school, university), Location (province or state, district, township), Locality.

* The database to be designed must be protected by privileges and user access controls to enter and modify information within the fields.

The supplier must provide the support service during the contract period.
For more information, log in to the tender."

Deadline to submit tenders: December 29, 2021.

See tender.

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