Financial Company in Panama Declared Bankrupt

After a failed attempt at restructuring, the process that began in September 2014 with the cessation of payments by the financial company La Generosa today ended with a judicial declaration of financial bankruptcy.

Friday, August 19, 2016 explains that "...The measure involves the seizure of all assets belonging to the company, the appointment of a executor and José Luis Ford being banned from leaving his home where the bankruptcy was finalised, which is effectively an impediment to him leaving the country. "

"... La Generosa owes about $20 million to investors who sold bonds and securities to finance its operations. Now, creditors have until Aug. 23 to register their debts and become part of the masses claiming repayment of their debts. "

See press release from the Superintendency of the Securities Market. (In Spanish)

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September 2016

The new regulation under public consultation states that all issues of securities registered with the Superintendency of Securities Market must have a risk rating.

The aim of the new regulations proposed by the Superintendency of Securities (SMV) is to provide more information on the emissions market for investors, so that they can "...

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January 2016

A missed deadline has been missed on an issue of $4 million that was part of the restructuring of bond issues and securities made by the financial company La Generosa.

The restructuring of the financial company managed by businessman Jose Luis Ford failed to materialize and now the holders of bonds and securities issued by financial La Generosa will have to wait for the settlement of guarantees administered in a trust before they can recoup their investment.

Panamanian Stock Market up 27 %

October 2013

Up to September 30th the Panamanian stock market reported $2.433 billion in new registrations, while in the same period of 2012 there were $1.913 billion.

According to the Superintendency of the Securities Market (SMV ) , the main registrations were the $650 million in corporate bonds issued by Tocumen International Airport SA to finance the expansion of the airport and the mortgage bonds issued by Global Bank Corporation in the amount of $500 million.

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November 2009

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