Ficohsa Modernizes Corporate Image

Grupo Financiero Ficohsa launched a new branding strategy, unifying the Ficohsa brand in all the companies of the group.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Starting today, Ficohsa has adopted a unified corporate identity. Group members Interamericana de Seguros, Casa de Cambio Divisas Corporativas and Casa de Bolsa Probursa will be known as Ficohsa Seguros, Ficohsa Casas de Cambio and Ficohsa Casa de Bolsa.

From the press release: “…FICOHSA is one of the most secure and trusted financial institutions in Honduras”.

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Banco Nacional de Costa Rica Changes Corporate Image

January 2011

The bank ended 2010 with a change of its corporate image.

The investment, including new signs in all branches, amounts to $ 4 million.

"The uniformity of branches, as well as stationery, will take place throughout 2011 and will include all subsidiaries of the financial group: Vital BN, BN Securities, BN Funds and BN Corredora de Seguros," the article at reported.

Pepsi Changes Image

June 2009

Guatemala is the first country in Latin America where PepsiCo is launching its new image, after doing so already in the United States.

CabCorp, Pepsi’s bottler for Central America and the Caribbean, invested nearly $2 million for the launch in Guatemala, which includes investment in the factory, changing the labels, changing the images in the refrigerator equipment, and an aggressive advertising campaign, among other activities.

Panama: Cable&Wireless changes image

February 2009

Cable&Wireless has presented its new image as part of its new marketing policy.

LA published on its website that "now the satellite and the print on the logo are more friendly to the eye," said a company spokesperson.

"The previous satellite had 24 lines while the current one has 11. The word "Panama" was also placed at the end of the logo."

Honduras: Fitch improves ratings for FICOHSA bank to A-(hnd)

September 2008

Fitch upgraded long term and short term ratings for FICOHSA bank to A-(hnd) and F1(hnd), up from BBB+(hnd) and F2(hnd), respectively.

At the same time it also upgraded the ratings for FICOHSA Corporate Bonds from BBB+(hnd) to A-(hnd). The outlook assigned is stable.
The new ratings reflex the strengthening of FICOHSA bank's networth, improvements in financial performance, and the strengthening of its participation in the commercial banking system market in Honduras.