Fiber Optic to Homes in Costa Rica

A project by a subsidiary of the ICE Group, which aims to build network infrastructure capable of delivering digital content at speeds between 100 Mbps and 1 Gbps, has been approved.

Monday, August 22, 2011

The project, pending since 2008, endorses the building of the high speed internet network by Radiographic Costarricense (RACSA) .

Racsa Manager, Alberto Bermudez when interviewed by, referred to the contacts that the institution is making with the company Vía Europa to formalize a partnership in order to develop the project.

"It would allow Racsa to have, as part of the ICE Group, a powerful fiber optic network to provide people with access to the Internet at high speeds and affordable prices", said Bermudez.

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Costa Rica: Two High-Speed Networks?

September 2012

If the announcements made become a reality, there will be two fiber optic networks providing households with access to broadband digital services, with a subsidiary competing with its parent company.

An article in reports on the characteristics of both projects:

Multiservice Optical Fiber Network in Costa Rica

August 2012

The state run company RACSA has signed a contract with the Swedish company Vía Europa in order to provide optical fiber multiservices, including very high-speed Internet.

Under the agreement, the company Vía Europa will construct, operate and maintain the infrastructure for a fiber optic network and manage the services market.

Fiber Optic Network Project Re-Evaluated

December 2011

The president of Costa Rica Laura Chinchilla is meeting with representatives from the Swedish company that designed an open network that would bring high-speed connections to Costa Rican homes.

After the state run company Radiographic Costarricense (RACSA), a subsidiary of Grupo Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad (ICE), rejected the project, despite recognizing the benefits it would bring to the general population, arguing that "it was not good business for the group ", the theme is being taken up by the aforementioned president, who has apparently questioned the decision to abandon the project.

Neutral Fiber Optic Network Project Canceled

November 2011

Racsa has rejected a proposal by the Swedish company Via Europa to build a fiber optic network for homes in Costa Rica, which would be open to all Internet service providers.

An announcement by the Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad (ICE) about its project, Range, to build a network to provide connections to the Internet via fiber optic and copper lines, seems to be the reason for the abandonment of this similar project driven by Radiográfica Costarricense (RACSA) .