Fewer Graduates, More Technicians

In Panama four out of ten companies failed to find the ideal candidates when they needed them.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Data from Manpower reveals that worldwide the talent shortage is around 40%, in Colombia it is 50% and in Panama 36%. Monica Flores, president of the group for the region, said that "... 'we have overvalued degrees and university titles, when what is needed today are professionals and specialised technicians'."

According to Flores, education systems lag behind compared to the speed with which the world is advancing which is one of the main reasons behind the gap between what businesses need and what the market is supplying. "... 'Young people are not studying what they should be studying, those of us who are not that young do not know what to do; this is a circle that is not yet virtuous.

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Companies Should Participate in Technical Education

July 2015

The private sector claims that it is not enough to invest $10 million in the construction of a technical school if the academic programs are not developed considering the staffing needs of the productive sectors.

The problem of a shortage of technically skilled labor in Panamanian companies will not be resolved if educational programs do not take as a starting point the demands of the productive sector.

Learning at work: Dual Education

June 2015

Dual education is a system which corrects the permanent discrepancy that exists between centralized education and labor supply, reducing youth unemployment and increasing the productivity of economies.


The use of professional training is the foundation for the success of Germany's productivity, and has been adopted in most European countries, with particular strength in Austria and Switzerland.

Growing Labor Shortage in Panama

December 2014

Projections are that for the five year period between 2015-2020 there will be a shortfall of 70,000 workers in the sectors of construction, logistics, tourism and agriculture.

According to the National Competitiveness Center, in the specified period there will be a shortage of workers especially in the logistics sector, where they will need at least 35,000 technicians, ie 49.5%, while in the construction area demand will be for around 28,000 people, representing 40.3%. In the case of the tourism sector it is estimated that it will require approximately 4,113 technicians, ie 5.7% and in agriculture about 3,203, the remaining 4.5%.

Dificulties to hire qualified staff increases in Costa Rica

July 2014

There has been a rise in the number of firms reporting difficulties in recruiting qualified staff, especially technicians, engineers and sales managers.

In one year the number of companies who said they found it difficult to fill vacancies grew by 11%, according to figures from a survey carried out by the human resources firm Manpower, which states that "...