Fertilizers and their Use in Central America

In Nicaragua for every cultivated hectare, 39 kilos of fertilizer are used, in Panama the figure is 50 kilos, in Honduras, 58, in Guatemala, 97, in El Salvador, 135, and in Costa Rica, 264 kilos.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The study "State of the Global Food and Agriculture", by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), details not only the use of fertilizer per hectare in Central America, but also the proportion of the value added in agriculture in each country.

In an article on Elnuevodiario.com.ni, Michael Healy, president of the Union of Agricultural Producers of Nicaragua (UPANIC), "... said the UN body carries out this analysis based on the entire agricultural sector and not by categories." For example, in the case of Nicaragua, they cultivate ".... '50,000 hectares of beans and corn and most of them are in the hands of small producers, who do not have access to financing and therefore do not use a lot of fertilizers; However, producers of sugarcane, do have access to financing, so they use up to six pounds of fertilizer per acre. "

The study notes that "... The global use of fertilizers could increase to more the 200.5 million tonnes used in 2018, 25% more than the amount recorded in 2010, according to the report by the UN body. "The world's fertilizer consumption will grow by 1.8% annually until 2018 and overall production capacity of fertilizers, intermediates and raw materials will continue to rise," the study said.

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More Agro-Industrial Investment in Nicaragua

July 2017

The opening of three processing plants for beans, plantains, cassava and avocado, in León, Rivas and Nueva Guinea is expected for 2018, with an estimated investment of $8 million.

Representatives from the Union of Agricultural Producers in Nicaragua (Upanic) detailed that the plant to be constructed in Leon will be dedicated to the processing of green and ripe plantains, and those from New Guinea to processing roots and tubers.

Drones in Agriculture

April 2017

A proposal has been made in Nicaragua to make the rules on the use of drones more flexible in order to reduce costs in activities such as spraying of agricultural plantations.

According estimates by UPANIC, up to $40 per acre could be saved in the fumigation of plantations using drones.

Nicaragua: Optimism in the Rice Sector

March 2017

The union estimates that agricultural production cycle 2016-17 will be 5.5 million hundredweight, exceeding the 4.1 million hundredweight produced in the previous harvest.

The Union of Agricultural Producers of Nicaragua (UPANIC) based its forecast on the 68,000 acres of land to be cultivated during the different sub-cycles of production in the 2016/17 cycle.

Nicaragua: Expectations for Sugar Cane Harvest

June 2016

Producers anticipate better results this year than in 2015, with a projected cultivation of 108,000 hectares of apples in the Pacific.

The arrival of the rainy season and weather expectations for this year have allowed sugar cane growers to anticipate better results than in the past two and a half years, when a decline in production was recorded of between "...