Feasibility of SEZ to be Studied

The Solis administration has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Chinese government to begin studying the feasibility of setting up a special economic zone in Costa Rica for enterprises from China.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

As part of the agreement signed between the two governments, feasibility studies will be started along with defining where the zone will be sited. It is expected that, as previously announced by the government, the free zone will be developed outside of the Greater Metropolitan Area.

The president, Luis Guillermo Solis, told Nacion.com that "... We have already identified the need to make a diagnosis about the possibility of constructing Chinese special economic zones in Costa Rica, this is very important because it will give us a platform where Chinese companies can come to the country to produce solar panels, cars or technology that China needs and that it currently does not have. "

Meanwhile, the Costa Rican Foreign Trade Minister, Alexander Mora, added "... This is just the first of several protocols to be signed, as work is also being done to pass others to encourage the export of products such as pineapple, pork, tuna and tilapia. "

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China to Costa Rica: "If You Dont Give to Me, I Wont Give to You"

March 2016

The stagnation of the refinery project could be the reason for China's loss of interest in Costa Rica, after having stopped the disbursement of a $24 million "freebie", the purchase of $1 billion worth of Costa Rican bonds, the development of an industrial pole, and the extension of a road.


Costa Rica: Chinese Economic Zone Suffers Delays

November 2015

It has been announced that the location of the planned special economic zone, which will be financed and built by China, will be decided in the third quarter of 2016.

The eight cantons in the area of ​​the central Pacific which according to the Ministry of Foreign Trade have the necessary conditions to host a special economic zone are Garabito, Aguirre, Esparza, Orotina, Puntarenas, Montes de Oro, Parrita and San Mateo.

Revival of Chinese Economic Zone Project in Costa Rica

September 2013

The agreement between both nations to develop a Special Economic Zone will be completed in less than a year.

The project which the two countries plan to implement in the Central American nation will materialize in less than a year, benefiting sectors such as high-tech and manufacturing.

Costa Rica: Feasibility Study for SEZ

August 2012

The Republic of China is to conduct a feasibility study for the construction of a Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in the country.

A press release from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Costa Rica reads:

COMEX and the China Development Bank have signed agreement to initiate a feasibility study.