Facilitation of Sale of Felix B. Maduro Companies

The Office of Foreign Assets Control has granted a license, until December 14, 2016, to access the US financial system, and allow the sale of the companies to be managed.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The license granted by the Office of Foreign Assets Control and the US Treasury Department (OFAC) is valid until December 14 this year and authorizes the companies Importadora Maduro, Maduro Internacional and Lindo & Maduro to make arrangements for them to be bought.

If the transaction involves U.S. companies or citizens, it must be authorized by the OFAC, through another license.

In early June, Abdul Waked transferred the assets of Importadora Maduro, Maduro Internacional, and Lindo & Maduro and a trust controlled by a five creditor banks, to ensure the sustainability of Felix B.Maduro.

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Prensa.com reports that "... The new board, as trustees, will be receive the offers to purchase the assets. The proceeds of the sale will be used to pay employee benefits, bank loans with collateral and debts with suppliers, in that order of priority. If anything is leftover, the money will be deposited in a restricted account, which Abdul Waked will be able to access, if he is eventually taken off the Clinton List. "

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Soho Mall Taken Off Clinton List

June 2017

After the sale of the shopping center was confirmed to a Mexican group, the US Treasury Department has lifted the sanctions it imposed in May last year.

The exclusion from the list of persons and companies linked to money laundering and drug trafficking activities was confirmed by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) on its website on June 14. 

Felix B. Maduro Gets Bought and Removed from Clinton List

November 2016

Felix B. Maduro Group has been bought by FBM Retail Corp., a company whose leading shareholder is Grupo Arrocha of Panama, along with Grupo Diunsa and AF International Group Corp.

From a statement issued by the Ministry of Economy and Finance in Guatemala:

Soho Mall Could Also Be Put in Trust

June 2016

The solution accepted by OFAC so that companies in the Felix B. Maduro Group can continue to operate could be extended to Waked's assets in Soho Mall.

In an unprecedented measure, the Bureau of Foreign Assets (OFAC) of the US Treasury has authorized the delivery of corporate control of Felix B.

Felix B. Maduro Companies Can Be Sold

June 2016

In order help keep the chain stores operating, the Office of Foreign Assets Control has authorized the breakdown of links to the ownership and control of Wisa Group.

The aim of these measures is to "protect the workforce", at Felix B. Maduro, Importadora Maduro, S.A.