FTA Chile – Guatemala In Effect Next Monday

The Free Trade Agreement between both countries will come into force on Monday 22.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The following Guatemalan products will enjoy immediate access to the Chilean market without paying tariffs: coffee, banana, fresh peas, rum, palm oil, medicines, crude oil and propane gas.

Conversely, Chilean products enjoying zero tariff access are frozen salmon, fresh grapes, pizza sauces, wine, potassium nitrate, methanol and pentaerythritol, an industrial chemical.

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Rule of Origin in Chile - Guatemala FTA

April 2017

From May 2, goods being transhipped or goods in transit through third party countries will maintain the rule of origin within in the framework of the FTA between the two countries.

The measure solved the problem of international transhipment between both countries, since under the current legislation, goods in transit lost the tariff benefits of the FTA when entering the territory of a signatory country. 

Results of FTA Between Guatemala and Chile

March 2015

Between 2007 and 2014 Guatemalan exports to Chile grew by 15%, led by sales of sugar, equivalent to 70% of the total, followed by natural rubber, paints, varnishes and prepared foods.

In total exports from Guatemala to Chile increased from $43.4 million in 2007 to $112.7 million in 2014. Sugar reported an annual growth rate of 13%, reaching $79 million in exports in 2014.

Results of Guatemala - Chile FTA

March 2013

Since the adoption in 2010 of the FTA between Chile and Guatemala, the trade balance between both countries has been balanced.

The Guatemalan sugar industry best uses the FTA, with an average share of 72% in annual exports to Chile.

Following sugar, is rubber (natural rubber), since its exports are equivalent to 22% of total exports to that country.

Guatemalan Congress Ratifies FTA with Chile

November 2009

After ten years of negotiations, the Free Trade Agreement with Chile was finally approved by the Guatemalan Congress.

The Free Trade Agreement between Central America and Chile will come into effect 8 days from now.

"Sugar production will benefit the most from this agreement.