Extension for Payment of Panama Canal Fee

The Panama Chamber of Commerce requested the Panama Canal Authority to postpone the start of collection of the fee for the use of fresh water in the Canal, which would begin to be paid on February 15, 2020.

Thursday, January 16, 2020

On January 13, the Panama Canal Authority announced that this year "... the value of water will be incorporated into the line of other maritime services through a charge for fresh water, which will depend on the availability of the resource at the time of the vessel's transit. The freshwater charge is applicable to all vessels over 125 feet in length that transit the Canal:

Fixed component: $10,000 for each transit
Variable component: percentage of toll set on the basis of the daily level of Lake Gatun of between 1% and 10% of the toll. That is, the higher the level of the lake, the less percentage would be charged, and similarly, the lower the level of the lake, the higher the percentage.

In light of this announcement, the Panama Maritime Chamber (CMP) has expressed its "... concern that these measures have been announced, without prior formal consultation with the different guilds of the national maritime industry, and the international end users of the Canal."

For the CMP, the measure lacks elements of certainty and clarity for the ACP's end customers, in order to determine, under criteria within its control and estimation, the rates to be recognized by the Authority for the transit of vessels, according to the guild's statement.

The House calls on the ACP to postpone charging, as dialogue must first take place with the aim of finding alternatives that will benefit the Authority and the maritime industry, without affecting the competitiveness of the sector and transit projections and estimates. The CMP requests that the methodology for calculating this new cost be reviewed.

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New Rates for Panama Canal

April 2015

The new Panama Canal toll structure will come into effect on April 1, 2016, except for the new segment of Internal Maritime Cluster which is already in effect.

From a statement issued by the Maritime Authority of Panama:

PANAMA CITY, Panama, April 29, 2015 - The Cabinet Council of the Republic of Panama has officially approved a proposal to modify the Canal tolls structure, following a recommendation from the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) Board of Directors.

Panama Canal: Differential Rates

March 2015

With the new tariff scheme the Panama Canal Authority intends to exploit economies of scale by encouraging the passage of vessels at maximum capacity with lower rates.

The proposal by the Panama Canal Authority (ACP by its initials in Spanish), indicates in short, that larger capacity vessels would agree to transit the neopanamax locks in order to access best rates and take advantage of economies of scale.

Toll Rate Increase at Panama Canal

August 2012

The new toll structure is divided into 10 segments for type of vessel, three segments for tank detail, and includes roll-on/roll-off vessels in the segment of vessel carriers.

From a statement from the Panama Canal Authority (ACP):
Cabinet Council approves new Panama Canal tolls

Shipping Companies Call for Delay in Toll Hike

May 2012

ICS member companies fear a further negative impact from the effects of the global economic crisis, if Panama applies a toll hike from July 1.

The International Chamber of Shipping companies (ICS), the largest international shipping association, has asked the Panama Canal Authority (ACP in Spanish) to postpone the increase in tolls of 15%, whose first phase has been announced for 1 July.