ExpoVino 2013 in Costa Rica

On 24th and 25th October, ExpoVino 2013 will be held at the Hotel Real Intercontinental & Club Tower Costa Rica.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

From information published by Expovino Costa Rica:

Expovino Costa Rica is the event where dealers and producers of wine and complementary products, showcase their products and do business with their audience, consisting of both professional buyers as well as wine and culture lovers.

It is an exhibition with wine tastings. The event serves two purposes: to promote wine culture and knowledge about it, by developing business around it.

Expovino 2013 in its fourth edition, is being organized by Revista Apetito, a magazine for the hotels and restaurants sector. This fair is the meeting point par excellence to do business with the world's leading wine distributors in the region.

ExpoVino Costa Rica offers exhibitors the opportunity to:

1. Encourage the development of wine culture.

2. Participate in strategic negotiations with intermediaries in the wine industry (restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, wine bars, liquor).

3. Showcase the most outstanding products to existing and potential consumers.

4. Contribute to a better understanding of the intelligent consumption of wine.

5. Strengthen, renew and create new relationships with existing and potential customers.

6. Open new markets.

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