Expansion in Panama´s Coastal Highway

With an underground tunnel which would connect Avenida Balboa and Avenida de los Poetas the third phase of the coastal strip would be completed.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

"In the project statement, published yesterday in Panama Compra, the Ministry of Public Works (MOP) said that 'the studies resulted in solving the interconnection with an underpass and a tunnel which would go under the area of El Chorrillo," published Prensa.com.

Federico Jose Suarez, head of the Ministry of Public Works, pointed out when introducing the road reorganization plan for the capital, that bidders for the project could present different proposals.

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Panama: Planning for Fourth Stage of Coastal Strip

November 2012

The project, which is just beginning to take shape, will connect the Paitilla sector with the marine viaduct of the Corredor Sur.

In these early stages of the project known as ‘Cinta Costera 4’ plans are for only the road infrastructure and related landscaping.

According to an article in Elsiglo.com the Director of Special Projects of this entity, Carlos Ho, said: "The costs and the final design are still being drafted and have not yet been defined, however, the authorities from the MOP are counting on this work helping to greatly reduce traffic in Paitilla. He added that options such as a semi tunnel, a marine viaduct or landfills are being analyzed. "

Construction Begins on Panama Sea Bridge

September 2012

As part of the Master Plan of Road Reorganization in Panama City, construction has began on the interconnection between Avenida Balboa and the new Avenida Los Poetas.

A press release from the Ministry of Public Works of Panama (MOP) reads:

The Ministry of Public Works announces that as part of the Master Plan of Road Reorganization in Panama City, today sees the start of construction of the interconnection between Avenida Balboa and Avenida Los Poetas.

Panama: Expansion of Coastal Strip Continues

July 2011

The Electoral Tribunal has declared invalid a measure to conduct a referendum to decide on the project.

The construction of the third phase of the coastal strip will continue on the schedule initially established, explained the Minister for Public Works, Federico Suarez.

Coastal Strip Inaugurated in Panama

June 2009

The inauguration of the $189 million road project is set for the weekend of June 27th and 28th.

According to Laestrella.com.pa, the opening date of the Coastal Strip of Panama was published in the newspaper La Prensa, where the Minister of Transportation and Public Works (MOP acronym in Spanish) said that everything was prepared for this weekend.