Event on Intensive Agriculture

From May 20 to 22nd an international conference will be held in Panama on agricultural production in controlled environments, which will cover topics such as nutrient solutions and efficient use of water and energy.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

This event will be held with the aim of establishing a public-private partnership to promote the development of foods in controlled environments. The exhibition will focus on the latest trends and developments in hydroponic production, urban agriculture, food production indoor agricultural technology and vertical farms.

Manuel Fernández, event organizer, told Prensa.com that "... The conference will also focus on the six components of production in controlled environment: environmental management, management of nutrient solutions, production management systems, efficient light use and efficiency of water and energy use. "

"... In recent years, food production in the country has declined due in some cases to adverse weather conditions, it is urgent to use safer methods of production and controlled environments."

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According to Directive No.

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